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Super League plan to redesign the format to include 50 teams
Source: Mundo Deportivo

The Super League's creators and owners are still holding on to it and are awaiting the European Court of Justice's decision. In a report dated December 15, the General Advocate of this Court chose to support UEFA for the time being.

But despite this, the Super League's creators are continuing to work on the project rather than abandoning it. According to L'Equipe, this new Super League would be more inclusive to the point that 50 teams from 12 different nations, including Portugal, the Netherlands, and Denmark, would participate. L'Equipe claims that there would already have been contacts with these clubs who would not have a negative opinion of this new project.

This new version of the Super League would be based on sporting merits and a fairly strict financial fair game would be established in order to stop the state clubs. According to L'Equipe, the members of the Super League are very confident that this new project will go ahead.

It’s definitely going to happen sooner or later
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