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Alaba's return could be delayed until 2025
Source: AS

Reports from Austria indicate that David Alaba's return to Real Madrid might take longer than initially expected. The center-back suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee in mid-December 2023 and is still undergoing recovery. Alaba has not yet been seen running on the pitch and is currently focused on muscle-building exercises in the gym. During the holidays, he has been part of the Austrian coaching staff for the European Championship, as he could not participate in the tournament.

The Austrian newspaper 'Heute' reports that Alaba has been observed having difficulty climbing stairs, indicating limited mobility. It has been over 200 days since his injury, and he has yet to resume running, whereas the usual timeline for running post-ACL tear is between 100 and 120 days. Additionally, 'Heute' notes that Alaba's recovery is slower due to affected cartilage in his knee.

Another publication, 'Die Presse,' suggests that Alaba's most likely return date is now projected to be in 2025. Alaba himself mentioned, "I'm not putting pressure on myself or setting a specific date," during Austria's stay at the Euros. If this prediction holds true, Alaba's absence would extend to a year, which is still within the normal range for such serious injuries.

Real Madrid acknowledges that Alaba's ACL injury, one of three the club faced last season, is the most severe, necessitating a slower and more complex recovery. The club has refrained from setting a specific timeline for his return since Alaba has been away from the Madrid medical team for some time. Upon the team's return to training on July 15 at Valdebebas, his injury progress will be reassessed. Alaba has made regular visits to Christian Fink, the Austrian doctor who operated on him in Innsbruck, to monitor his recovery. This summer, he has continued strengthening his knee muscles. While Real Madrid is not raising alarms, Austrian reports suggest Alaba's return is still distant.


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