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An assistant enters the field so that Kepa does not waste time
Source: Marca

Real Madrid's game against Real Sociedad produced an odd scene that will undoubtedly be discussed in the upcoming days. When the score was 2-1 in favor of Real Madrid, in the 83rd minute, Soto Grado's assistant, Pau Norbert Cebrián Devis, entered the field and passed the ball with his foot to Kepa in what appeared to be an effort to prevent the Madrid goalkeeper from wasting time in a phase of the game where the San Sebastian team was seeking a draw.

Although the rules do not specifically state that assistants can not enter the playing fields, the action at the Bernabéu actually drew people's attention since it was so unusual. For this reason, it was protested by the fans, who are especially sensitive in recent times to referee decisions and even to details that in other cases could be considered anecdotal.

Norbert Cebrián has been in the news for controversy-related reasons before. The assistant was punished without participating in the following two matches after a Clasico, according to information published in 2016 by "Cadena Ser." His overly affectionate behavior toward the Barcelona players was the reason of that suspension.

I don't think this is a case though it's unusual but it's normal.
The assistant shouldn't enter the pitch, unless the ball meet him outside the pitch
This is soo unusual and uncalled for.it wouldn’t have been the case if Sociedad was leading