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Ceferin reveals two English clubs leaked Super League plans to them
Source: SkyBet

Speaking about the future of European football, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin affirmed that the European Superleague will never materialize, despite what the league's organizer, A22, may claim.

Ceferin has admitted that the Super League's lack of support means it is destined for failure. In an interview with SkyBet, Ceferin asserted that protests in England would have been seen throughout Europe.

"The Champions League would not be the same without the English clubs. The Super League will not be created because of this. The German clubs are in the same position; they did not formally join, and protests were not required. We would have witnessed crowds in the streets, similar to what we saw in England, if Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund had merged. Only two clubs out of 18 in Spain want to, whereas France was against it too".

He did acknowledge that in England, some clubs were more enthusiastic about the idea than others. Chelsea and Manchester City appeared to be the ones who were least persuaded by the plan.

"They both showed hesitation from the start. One of them called me and asked if we could work together. Despite the fact that they did not like the idea, they did not want to be the only ones excluded. They both declared that they wished to remain our Super League friends".

However those with American owners, Liverpool and Manchester United were most on-board – “very involved, most of the English sides.”