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Change in Erling Haaland’s release clause
Source: Sport

Bad news for clubs hoping to sign Erling Haaland, the best striker in the world right now and in the near future.

After his performance with Manchester City last Tuesday against Leipzig in the Champions League—a game in which he scored five goals—there has been renewed talk in Madrid about the Norwegian's potential signing for the team in 2024, a year in which the player would have an escape clause in his contract.

However, that clause has changed, according to journalist Oriol Domènech. The Norwegian will have the option to leave Manchester City as long as they pay 200 million euros for him one year later only, in 2025.

The reason for this variation in the clause was already agreed in the contract that the player and the club signed last summer. It stated that at the time Pep Guardiola extended his contract, Haaland's clause could not take effect until 2025. The coach renewed his contract with Manchester City last November. He did so until 2025 and automatically Haaland's future was linked to Guardiola's.