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Chinese Embassy sends complaint over statements by Real Madrid fan at Wembley
Source: AS

The Chinese Embassy in Spain has lodged an official protest with Real Madrid over recent statements made by a fan of the club that were described as "insulting towards China, vulgar, and of bad nature." The Asian country's diplomatic delegation in Spain expressed "shock and anger" in a statement published on Monday on its website. The protest pertains to a video in which the fan, after the Champions League final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, sang an "insulting" song during an interview.

According to the Embassy, Real Madrid condemned the fan's "inappropriate conduct," emphasizing that the club denounces "any form of racism and xenophobia." The Chinese delegation noted that the club described the incident as an "isolated case involving an individual fan" and assured that it "does not reflect the values and principles of the club or the majority of Real Madrid fans."

Real Madrid also reiterated its "appreciation and respect" for its Chinese supporters, expressing gratitude for their ongoing support, and affirmed its commitment to "continue contributing positively to the friendship between Spain and China."

The incident has sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media platforms, such as Weibo. The video, recorded by the Chinese TikTok user Qiumhui, features interviews with Real Madrid fans near Wembley Stadium, where the final took place. One fan, upon learning the nationality of the interviewer, began to sing: "A little Chinese woman was shaking it for me, on your sister's bed."


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