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Davide Ancelotti will stay one more season at Real Madrid
Source: El Desmarque

Real Madrid has had a great season, thanks in large part to the meticulous preparation by the coaching staff. While Carlo Ancelotti has received much of the credit for winning the Super Cup, La Liga, and the Champions League, his son Davide has been an invaluable advisor during difficult moments. Davide's strategic decision to bring on Joselu when the team was losing in the semi-final against Bayern proved key to reaching the final.

Working behind the scenes, Davide has played a crucial role that could parallel what happened to Carletto in the summer of 2014, when Zinedine Zidane, then his assistant, decided to start his own head coaching career. However, Davide will not be following in Zidane's footsteps, at least not next season.

Throughout the season, Davide has received numerous offers to take on his first major coaching project and step out of his father's shadow. The squad knows firsthand his tactical prowess, and Carlo Ancelotti is aware that his son will eventually move on. Offers have come from Saudi Arabia as well as from English and Spanish teams, but according to Diario AS, Davide Ancelotti will stay with Real Madrid until 2025.

Davide has carefully considered his options since the season ended and has decided to continue as Real Madrid's assistant coach for another year. This decision postpones his move until his contract, which ends at the same time as his father's, expires. However, if Carlo renews his contract with the club, Davide might choose to pursue a head coaching role elsewhere.

While his future preferences remain unclear, it seems his time in Chamartín as an assistant coach is nearing its end. Whether Davide's career trajectory will mirror Zidane's depends on him and his continued efforts, be it in Madrid or another destination.


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