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Endrick chooses between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
Source: Bernabéu Digital

Endrick spoke at the press conference ahead of the big game between Brazil and Argentina and sent a message of admiration towards Real Madrid that would make madridistas fall in love with him. The young forward acknowledged that he already imagines himself in white, with a clear nod to Cristiano Ronaldo, although he also stated that, right now, the Madrid team is not on his mind.

"My dream since I was little was to play for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol. So it is a great pride to know that I will wear the same shirt as him. To be honest, now I am not thinking about Madrid because whatever happens today, you can't predict tomorrow. I have Palmeiras and the national team; now I only think about that. The future only belongs to God, and I live day by day," commented Endrick, who is very clear about who is the best footballer of all time: "For me, Pelé is the king; there is no one who comes close to being compared to him. I simply thank God that he existed and that I was able to watch his videos. Regarding Messi, he is a phenomenal guy, the best in the world again this year. I just want to enjoy the moment of playing against him and being in the same stadium as him, a guy that I only saw in video games. But I'm more of a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. It will be a wonderful experience to see Messi up close," he confessed before his debut at Maracaná with the Canarinha.


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