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Endrick rejects Nike and adidas to sign 'Jordan-like' contract with New Balance
Source: AS

Future Real Madrid starlet Endrick Felipe rejected million-dollar offers from various sports brands, among them adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Sketchers, and Mizuno, to sign an unprecedented contract with New Balance, joining his path with the North American brand until 2028.

The agreement states that Endrick will be the brand's main football star. In true Nike style with Michael Jordan, New Balance made an offer in which the company committed to developing Endrick's own brand along with a line of boots signed by the star, as was also done before with Cristiano Ronaldo (Nike), Lionel Messi (adidas), or Neymar (Puma).

His family expressed a strong desire to reach all social classes and agreed to work with New Balance to manufacture products at the lowest possible cost. Similar to Jordan's agreement with Nike, Endrick would share in the royalties, but this would depend on his goals and development over the next five years. The brand will start a phase of expansion in Brazil, with the still-active Palmeiras player serving as the establishment's visible face. An official launch date has not yet been set.


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