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Florentino Perez will not attend El Clasico
Source: El Mundo

Tensions around Barcelona are high after the 'Negreira case' broke out, where the information increasingly points to more payments to the former Vice President of the Technical Committee of Referees and his son. Real Madrid have also entered as a private prosecution, which has made Joan Laporta decide not to make a board lunch for El Clasico.

Laporta threatened to attack and defend himself in an effort to counter accusations based on an abundance of evidence. In an unprecedented move, Florentino Pérez has reacted to the culé president's decision by announcing that he will not attend the historic match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

We have to mention that Florentino Pérez has not missed any appointment of this style, not even when he signed Luis Figo when he entered his first candidacy as president. This may have consequences for the Super League, one of the few threads that certainly hold the two presidents together.