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Former PSG player confirms Mbappe's departure to Real Madrid
Source: OK Diario

Reports continue to circulate from France that Kylian Mbappé has already made a decision about his future and will leave PSG on June 30 to join Real Madrid.

After six years of soap opera and after the failed attempt in 2022, it seems that this time finally the paths of Los Blancos and the French star will unite.

This time, the person who has provided hints about how this story will turn out and claims to have trustworthy insight into Mbappé's intentions is former PSG player Laure Boulleau. She says that the information that was released recently from many esteemed media outlets in France is accurate.

"For the first time, through coherent and serious sources that I have, they tell me that it is already done. Most likely, it will be done. I'll be happy if he leaves. I understand his position about not being able to say it. He has goals to fight for, and he loves his club. Let's wait for their decision as adults," says the former French player.


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