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Former Real Madrid goalkeeper expresses what madridistas feel about Asensio's disallowed goal in 3 emojis
Source: Tribuna.com

In the 81st minute of El Clasico, Marco Asensio gave Real Madrid what we all believed to be the victory. However, the goal was disallowed for alleged offside following a VAR review.

The lines given are not very convincing because, first, they are thick, second, the frame does not show Carvajal passing the ball to Marco, and third, Asensio's arm is level with Kounde's.

Using just three emojis, former Real Madrid goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek posted a screenshot of the VAR frame that perfectly captures our reaction to the decision made by the video referee.

Due to their 12-point lead in the standings, Barca ultimately won the league.

However, there are still some unanswered questions, particularly in light of the Negreira case, which revealed that the Catalans previously paid referees in order to influence decisions in their favor.

day robbed
M Jay
Barcelona is not surpose to be a club
José Mari
Hi can this be an offside