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Funny moment when they ask Mbappe if he is already in Real Madrid WhatsApp group
Source: Marca

Kylian Mbappé took the lead in the pre-match press conference ahead of the French team’s round of 16 clash against Belgium in Düsseldorf. From tomorrow, Mbappé will officially become a Real Madrid player, and naturally, many questions were about his feelings regarding the move.

There was a humorous moment during the press conference when a journalist asked if Mbappé had joined the Real Madrid WhatsApp group and if he had spoken with Courtois about the upcoming match against Belgium. Mbappé responded with a smile, “I’m not in the Real Madrid WhatsApp group yet. I hope it doesn’t take long (laughs). I haven’t spoken to Courtois yet. I know him, but I haven’t spoken to him. It’s better if he’s not there, because it would be harder with him.”


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