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Guti about Xavi Hernández: "He was not prepared to come to Barcelona"
Source: La Sexta

"What will I be left with with Xavi when he finishes at Barcelona in June?": With this question, Guti began his analysis of Xavi Hernández's time at Barça.

The former player said that he is left with "little": "With having a great squad and getting little from his players. That is the reality."

"Xavi's style is what he had in his head when he was a player, and the players he had next to him, it is practically impossible for that to be repeated. And he has not known how to combine all the virtues that his players have, which they have a lot, in terms of what he wanted on the field. And he hasn't been able to fit it in," he continued.

For Guti, "the great coach is the one who adapts to the players he has."

In fact, he considers that "Xavi Hernández was not prepared to come to Barcelona. He thought that everything was going to be very easy, and no."

According to him, he lacked experience: "When you get your license in Qatar and train in a match in which 300 people are there... It's not the same as sitting on the Barcelona bench. This is how it is. It's reality."

"There are people who are more prepared and others who are not so prepared and who have to go to other teams to prepare and be able to be in a big club. This is how it is, and nothing happens. Xavi or any other coach," he concluded.


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