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Joselu explains his viral moment in Cadiz
Source: Marca

One of the most talked-about plays of the game between Cadiz and Real Madrid (0-3), was Joselu's decision to let a shot from Rodrygo pass almost in the mouth of the goal.

The score would have been 0-2, had Joselu chosen to hit the ball from Rodrygo, but the Galician striker was not particularly good at communicating his intentions to the crowd.

After the game, Joselu had the chance to explain in 'El Chiringuito' the keys to that play and why he decided to let Rodrygo's ball pass.

"What was going through your head... Did you think you were offside?" Gonzalo de Martorell asked him.

"I just talked about it with Rodrygo, who didn't expect the ball from Jude either... He first tries to make a pass, then he dribbles it over the goalkeeper... And when he dribbles it I understand that he is going to continue the play, and I try to get away so that he ends up scoring a goal," Joselu explained.

"In the end neither one nor the other," he acknowledged.

"I think it's the first time a play like this happens to me, but well... It remains an anecdote, and the important thing is that the team won and took the game forward," Joselu added.


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