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Kroos: "God sees everything and probably injured the referee"
Source: AS

Toni Kroos protesting to a referee is not something you often see. The German is a very calm player who is almost never seen making bad gestures on the field, nor is he seen regularly protesting to the referees. Last Sunday, during Real Madrid's match against Sevilla, Kroos received a yellow card in the 35th minute after clearly protesting to Díaz de Mera after a foul on Isaac Romero near the rival area . The foul was widely protested, since, as could be seen in the replay, it was the Sevilla player who collided with Kroos while he was moving away from the action. This pissed off the Real Madrid player, who protested as he had rarely been seen doing.

The German, in the podcast Einfach mal Luppen with his brother Félix, talks about this action, ensuring that Real Madrid was harmed by the referee last Sunday: “I think that throughout the first half all the plays that went to the limit called on a foul against us. Even on plays where there was nothing at all. What made me so angry about my yellow card was that the referee was actually a meter away from the play. That was crazy. Basically, I move away from the opponent. I see that he starts to dribble in his own area, and I can see that he wants to collide with me. I even move away so that he doesn't have much contact with me, but he whistles a foul. That was just the icing on the cake. God sees everything, and he probably injured the referee's calf. There were 80,000 spectators, and everyone was desperate with his refereeing.”

Kroos not only criticized the referee, he also assured that it was bad for his team until the moment of the injury because it was when they were playing best, and he recognized that the fourth referee did a great job when he came out on the field for Díaz de Mera: "We had two or three really good chances just before the referee stopped the game because he had been injured. The referee really did everything wrong; he even got injured at the moment when it was worst for us to stop the game because of how we were playing. It really has to be said that the fourth referee is a much better referee than Díaz de Mera. He did a great job".


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