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Ramos responds to the accusations of not signing Real Madrid jersey
Source: Marca

In a video that went viral on social media on Friday, Sergio Ramos, the current player of Sevilla, was seen refusing to sign a Real Madrid shirt for a fan. The recording was edited, so it did not show the entire sequence of events, and the original sound was replaced with a song.

The recording was made outside the Sevilla training facilities when Sergio Ramos pulled up in his private car to sign autographs for a group of fans. The video shows Ramos signing a Sevilla shirt first, then one from Real Madrid, which he sets aside, then he signs another Paris Saint-Germain shirt before driving off.

Ramos received a lot of criticism on social media for this scene, to such an extent that the former captain of Real Madrid had to respond on Twitter to explain himself. "Before that moment, I had already signed about 6 Real Madrid shirts. And then there are people who auction them or sell them on the Internet...", he added.


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