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Real Madrid team bus suffers accident in Germany
Source: Forbes

The bus transporting Real Madrid's first-team players to their hotel ahead of the first-leg Champions League match against RB Leipzig was involved in an accident on Monday when it collided with a Toyota Avensis, according to Marca's report via Bild.

Due to a strike at Leipzig Airport, Carlo Ancelotti's team had to make more complicated travel arrangements than usual: after landing at 11.38 AM local time in Erfurt, they had to take a coach for the final 100 miles northeast to Leipzig.

On the A4 motorway between Eichelborn and Nohra, however, as Bild explained, "a white Toyota suffered a collision with the Madrid team bus" after the driver of that car changed lanes.

"Thankfully, all those engaged continued without suffering any injuries after a brief pause," according to Bild.

No one within the bus felt the impact of the collision, according to Marca, and the Madrid squad was able to proceed to their accommodation.

Someone from the club told Marca, "A fan who, because he was filming the bus in his car, lost his way. We didn't notice. The people who came in buses behind us saw it."

At 14:40 local time, Real Madrid's bus arrived at the Steigenberger hotel in Leipzig city center. According to Marca, there were "obvious scratches from the collision it had suffered with the fan's car."


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thank you God
equipo del Real Madrid a su hotel antes del partido de ida de la Liga de Campeones contra el RB Leipzig sufrió un accidente este lunes al chocar con un Toyota Avensis, según informa Marca a través de Bild.