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Seafood, ham, tickets and more: Negreira's gifts to the referees with Barça's money
Source: El Mundo

After José María Enríquez Negreira's entire witness statement infront of the prosecutor's office was made public on Tuesday afternoon, "El Mundo" published a list of the gifts he gave away on Wednesday.

The former CTA vice president purchased a number of gifts for First Division referees through his company Dasnil, all of which did not appear to be deductible expenses.

On the one hand, he entertained the referees with items for their work: 1,500 personalized red and yellow cards with their corresponding card holders or hundreds of coins to be used before the games, also with the identification of the referees.

Alternatively, gifts like hams worth 10,000 euro, football tickets, beach shovels, umbrellas, cooler bags, corkscrews, toasters, sandwich makers, blankets, pants, or laser pointer pens.

Additionally, he made "various invitations" to the referees and paid for their meals in seafood restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona with more than 2,000 euros worth of "sweets, wines, liquors, and cheese."

This is so sad for Spain, la liga and for football and Real Madrid as a club need to stand up against this.