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The correct way to pronounce the name of Mbappe
Source: AS

Despite being one of the most recognized names in international football, few know the correct pronunciation of "Mbappé." In a humorous reflection during an interview on 'Envoyé Special' a few months ago, Mbappé himself clarified that the correct pronunciation is not "embapé."

"I would have a lot of work if I had to correct everyone. It's Kylian Mbappé, because it doesn't have an apostrophe," he explained. For the reader, the written difference may be negligible, but the correct pronunciation is "mbapé," making a swift connection between the 'M' and the 'B' without overemphasizing either letter. The final accent is also not particularly pronounced when saying his name.


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Charlie Mbappe in Madrid will be a selfish play I can testify on it that Madrid can’t take the champions league again as long as Mbappe plays
Ahmad Yo
I love Mbappè
maybe *
People from French speaking countries have no problem to correctly pronounce kylian Mbappé. But those from English and may Spanish speaking countries have serious problems problems to pronounce it. bernardjeremie1991@gmail.com
People from French speaking have no problem to pronounce kylian Mbappé . but those from English and maybe speaking speaking countries have serious problems with it. bernardjeremie1991@gmail.com