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The embarrassing insults of the Camp Nou against Vinicius
Source: Bernabéu Digital

As it happened last season, the Spotify Camp Nou once again dedicated embarrassing insults to Vinicius Junior, even asking for his death. "Vinicius die!" was heard at the Barcelona stadium during the last clasico, which ended with a culé victory (2-1). Last year, the Brazilian player was already the victim of several racist insults on the same stage, but they went unpunished. Surely, the Anti-Violence Committee and LaLiga will take action again on the matter; although it is most likely that these shameful chants will go unsanctioned again.

Vinicius was one of the most outstanding players of Real Madrid. A constant nuisance for Araujo who this time had serious problems stopping him. In fact, the Uruguayan scored a cross from the Brazilian in his own goal. Perhaps for this reason, to try to get him out of the game, the Camp Nou responded with some lamentable insults.

Sammy Jr
they should be punished